Who are We and what We Do?

Realestate-leads.com.au deliver fresh, qualified leads to your email address from as low as $1.33 per lead, helping you grow your data-base of prospects and grow your Real Estate business exponentially.

Having an edge up on the competition and a continuous supply of fresh Leads to follow up, make calls and appointments, get listings and sell more properties, you will have the potential to double, even triple your income level and profits for yourself and your agency.

Based on feedback from some of the best Agency operators in the country we have developed a lead generation system specifically designed to help Real Estate Agents and Agencies build their Prospects data-base faster than any other traditional means such as Door Knocking (Cold Calling door to door and letter box drop pamphlets to slowly build their data base and get listings, This method is outdated and no longer effective enough to survive in the industry and make a good living.

With Realestate-leads.com.au you are able to purchase a Subscription Leads Package to suit your needs from a 20 leads package up to a 300 leads package to suit a Real Estate Agency where you can divide up the leads amongst your agents and start working your prospects.

Realestate-Leads.com.au allows you to speed up the process by having the contact details of the prospects which you would call, introduce yourself and your agencies services and make appointments with your prospects for a no obligation valuation on their home on what their home is worth in today’s market, do a sales presentation and the opportunity to get the listing faster than the traditional method of door to door cold calling which can take days and even weeks before you get your foot in the door for a sales presentation to get a listing.

Realestate-Leads.com.au is a proven faster method to get listings and build your prospects data-base so you can concentrate on selling more properties and make more commissions faster and more profits for yourself and your agency.

Let your fingers do the walking rather than spending days and weeks pounding the pavement door knocking for leads which often results in so much time wasted when you can focus on what really matters and that is calling your leads directly and producing far better results for conversion into new business and more commissions for you and your agency.

You can choose the subscription package that you would like in the Leads Packages section and choose the specific location, suburb and postcode in which you would like to receive leads in.

As soon as the order is processed the leads package will be automatically emailed to you within a few minutes and you can start prospecting immediately. It’s that easy.

You have the option of a single leads package or a monthly subscription which is by far the best option and value for money as you will continually receive leads every month from your chosen leads package plus you will receive free bonus leads with your month to month subscription to prospect and call and develop more business in the fastest way. The Subscription packages come with huge discounts and is by far the choice of package for all Real Estate Agents who use our service for continuing new business and massive profits for yourself and your agency.

When you subscribe to the monthly package you are getting value for money per lead and you are getting extra free leads per month so you can turn those free prospects into listings and more commission for you.

The reality is in order to survive in the real estate industry, agents always need an endless supply of leads to follow up and turn into new business and this is the best and the quickest way of receiving ongoing leads on a monthly basis according to your subscription package that you choose.

You can upgrade to a higher package if you wish to receive more leads or if you have too many, you can downgrade your leads package. There are No contracts ever, No extra fees or charges ever, Just one simple price (month to month) and you can cancel anytime simply by emailing us. There are No Cancellation fees ever.

Click Here to choose a Leads Package to suit your needs.

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Reasons why the Traditional Method is outdated and no longer works.

The traditional method of getting new leads and prospects is outdated and too time consuming to get listings and does not give you the best results. If all you are doing is trying to get listings the traditional way everyday by pounding the pavement door knocking for days and weeks, doing letter drop pamphlets, When does it leave you enough time to actually do the real work of selling the properties you have listed to make your commissions and profits for your agency?

The sole reason why a lot of people exit the Real Estate industry within the first year of starting is because they can’t get enough listings of properties to sell, and when they do get those listings they don’t sell enough properties fast enough to make a good commission and survive in the industry as most agents are working on a pay back retainer which means agents have to make double the amount of listings on their books and have double the amount of sales per month just to pay back the retainer they are getting from the agency and then have enough left over in the commission to earn a decent living.

Even if you are not on a payback retainer and you are just solely on commission, the reality is if you don’t have enough properties to list and sell you will realise that you are not making enough commission to survive therefore can’t earn a decent living to survive and most agents who fall in this trap will exit the industry within their first year of employment and that’s not the worst of it, if you simply don’t perform and don’t bring in new business and sales for your agency your Employer will simply sack you, as you’re not bringing enough business to your agency so there is no reason for the employer to keep you at their agency. It’s harsh but that is the reality.

The traditional method of getting business is simply flawed and does not allow for the agent to succeed enough to make a decent living in the Real Estate industry and the reality is that most agents fail and exit the industry in their first year for this reason as they are not getting enough listings and not making enough sales to justify to the agency they are working for as to why they should continue to stay at their agency. The reality is if you’re not making enough money for the agency and yourself, there is no reason for the agency to keep you on their payroll.

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The Monday Morning Meetings.   (The truth about what happens on these monday meetings)

The Monday morning sales meetings is feared by most agents when Sales Agents have to answer to the principle / director of the agency and give him / her an update on what listings they have got on their books, updates on prospects and properties they have sold and settled.

The agents that have succeeded love to give updates to their principle and boast about their performance as they are safe for another month, however for those that are struggling to meet the basic minimum standard of listings per month and sold properties per month fear the Monday morning sales meetings as they have to update the principle agent in the same room as other agents that have done well and haven’t done so well and the spotlight is on them as to why they didn’t perform so well and the principle begins to ask questions as to their future and their worth to their agency and why they should continue to stay on or be let go.

The Solution

With Realestate-leads.com.au The process of getting leads, listings and building a massive data-base of prospects now and prospects in the near future is the key to you succeeding and surviving in the real estate industry and making a great commission that will see you succeed and excel in the industry, doubling and even tripling your current income level as well as great profits for the agency.

Our extensive search marketing experience and powerful industry contacts enable us to consistently generate competitively priced, quality leads, which can convert directly into sales, which leads to great commission and more profits.

We are committed to customer service and delivering the highest quality leads and helping you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than any other traditional method.

our business grows only by helping you grow your business.

Unique Benefits of Realestate-leads.com.au

We harness the power of internet search engines to connect with people who are actively looking to sell or buy property. These qualified prospects; are real people, who genuinely want to hear from you. We do not use Spam, incentives or pop-ups because we find this approach often attracts half-hearted prospects. We are proudly Australian and provide and support Australian Jobs.

We always Provide

Replacement Policy Guarantee:

*Lead Replacement policy guarantee. If any lead for any reason is incorrect in details we will happily replace the lead / leads in question and give you 2 extra free leads on top.

We have NO CONTRACTS, You simply pay month to month via your subscription. You can try our membership out and if you are not fully satisfied you can cancel anytime!

Give Realestate-Leads.com.au a try today.


you simply pay month to month on your subscription.

You can try our membership out and if you’re not fully satisfied you can cancel anytime!

Give Realestate-Leads.com.au a try today!!!

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